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We AreLegends of Avantris

We're a tabletop stream that loves the game, the stories, and each other.

Our journey began six years ago. Since then, we've crafted a realm of fantasy, characters, and boundless adventure known as Avantris. Our close-knit group of best friends embarked on this journey together, and it has been an experience filled with laughter, intense roleplay, and joy. But we're more than just players; we're storytellers, creators, and passionate gamers.

We want to make one thing clear: we're not here to be celebrities or influencers. We're a group of genuine, lifelong friends who share a deep love for roleplaying and storytelling. Our shared passion has brought us closer, and our viewers are more than just an audience – they're part of the Avantrisfam. This is more than just a tabletop RPG show. It's an inclusive community where everyone is invited to gather around our digital table.

At Legends of Avantris, our most profound offering is our community built on positivity. We provide a safe haven, a digital family, and a seat at our table where everyone is welcome. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, our world is open to you. It's a place where you can take a break from the chaos and negativity of the outside world and simply immerse yourself in our love for games, stories, and each other.

Join us on our weekly live streams, and become a part of something special. Together, we'll explore Avantris and share unforgettable stories. Legends are born here, and you're invited to be a part of our story.

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The Players

Headshot of Richie


Producer, wearer of many, many hats, and record holder for most characters played.

Headshot of Mikey in a pirate hat


Man of many voices, but usually just falls back on his Harry Carray impression.

Headshot of Mace


Laughs louder than the big bang and longer than the heat death of the universe.

Headshot of Derek


Our resident bard, and the undisputed master of song parodies and puns.

Headshot of Andy


Usually flexing and hamming it up, and never says no to being the center of attention.

Headshot of Kelsey


Has her priorities straight and relishes the truly best part of D&D: The snacks.

Headshot of Nikkie


Quite possibly a real-life fey creature. Crafty and artistic as she is whimsical.

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