Values Statement

Updated 04.13.2021

Legends of Avantris began as a group of best friends strengthening their bonds by playing Dungeons & Dragons together every week. Since 2017, we’ve stayed true to our core founding principles of positivity, trust, honesty, respect, friendship, and above all else, love, as we’ve shared our stories with a wider community. We’ve also been surprised and incredibly humbled by the amazing and loving family that’s come together around those principles.

We are firmly committed to furthering a community of inclusivity, safety, and kindness. No matter who you are or where you come from, you’ll have a seat at our table, and we hope you join us in laughing, crying, and cheering as we adventure in Avantris. We hope you’ll become part of our family and celebrate our shared love of games, storytelling, and community.

You’re all legends in Avantris.